Wednesday, June 15, 2005

sleep deprivation can kill

Would you believe I only had 3 hours sleep last night?!
I went to bed at 11pm, fell asleep and was woken by the noises at the playground. I just couldn't shut out the noises created by the 5 adults, chit chatting running about and swearing; so I went down at 1.30am to tell them to leave. After 10minutes nothing happened, so I called the Yishun North policepost. They did turn up within 15minutes, much to their credit. And all was quiet by 2am. But I just couldn't get back to sleep again. Maybe I was too upset, too angry, I had this stomach pain and palpitations. I tried to sleep at the sofa, on bed, changed the position, changed the direction, with quilt, without, with spencer, without, with fan on, without, with aromatherapy, without. I had some milk, looked at Hat and spencer sleeping soundly, had a cold tab, put a cold pak, and NOTHING worked. Eventually I told myself, I am not going to work with so little sleep, I am gonna chuck a sickie. I drifted off at 5am.
It was raining at 8am, I thought, ok, I am not going to work. So I called the people, and that was that.
Mera was waiting for me downstairs, looking miserable and wet. So I took him home. When I came home from the clinic, I fed auntycat and xiao huang from opposite block. Hat didn't get any food, I was angry with him. He was playing with a baby bird that had fallen off. I took him upstairs for breakfast, he ran off again. I wrapped the bird in a paper towel and put it under another tree. Hat looked for it high and low, I thought he had given up, until he found another baby bird in the bush. I locked him in the store room, and he was making such a huge fuss, until mera woke up and wanted to leave. Now Hat has left, mera is locked up in another room. Spencer is getting ready for bed. I guess it is useless getting angry with Hat, he is just a cat.


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