Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hat was shaking his head, so the photo looks blurred.

It rained at 11pm last night but no cats came for shelter until 2am. Mera sang and asked for food, but Hat didn't turn up again. I gave Mera some biscuits and he left soon afterwards. There was another cat singing somewhere at the block.

Kiki was waiting bright and early, he hasn't been doing that for a long time. He ate half a can and went to sleep 4 paws up outside the house as it was cooler. Now he is downstairs talking to Auntycat. BH2 was still sleeping when I went down.

I took Mera up again for breakfast.

It is going to rain again soon. No improvement of headache, maybe it is dengue.


At 9:32 am, Anonymous Shirley said...

Hat came at 11pm. He sang sang and sang I thought at least he was polite enough to ask for the door to be opened so I did.

At 1:05 pm, Blogger hsiufen said...

Ka Choy!!


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