Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hat looked like a lizard.

I was woken up at 2am by people talking at the playground. Actually they had been at it since 11pm. Spencer thought I was awake and tried to attack my big toes through the quilt. I called the police about the noises and moved to another room as I did not know if the police would turn up soon. Spencer moved with me to the other room too, but she slept on the bed.

This morning when I woke up at 8am she was still sleeping. She was acting strangely, not wanting her breakfast, expecting something.

I fed BH2 and there was no sign of the others. I let Hat eat biscuits after his look out at the kitchen windows, but he was still waiting, so I gave him a can. He was very hungry. When I left for work, Auntycat appeared from the bushes so I had to go back up to get her biscuits. While she was eating, BH2 appeared asking for more food.

When I wanted to leave again, Mera appeared from the bushes and asked for tummy rub. I carried him upstairs and got biscuits for him. He didn't stay, as he saw Hat on the corridor. BH2 saw me coming down and started to roll on the grass, begging. Mera was staring at him from 5 feet away. When BH2 rushed towards me and ran across Mera's path, Mera growled at him. Auntycat had that "uh oh" look on her face.

The strays at Blk 703 were all cold and huddled together in the evening.

Merah was watching his dad washing the bike. Kiki was sitting on the window. I waved at him. He appeared at our house soon and had a can. Hat didn't want dinner but came back one hour later, singing on the corridor. He had some biscuits and left. Posted by Picasa


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