Monday, September 25, 2006

This is Kiki, from the Malay neighbour at the other end of the corridor. He has put on A LOT of weight since we last saw him.

After 6 months of confinement, he finally escaped at 4pm yesterday. I was surprised his owner didn't even detect his absence.

By the time I spotted him, he and Max were touching noses at the door. I snatched Max away, and put him in the store room for his safety. Kiki was apprehensive at first, not allowing us to pet him, and in a biting mood. He patrolled the house veeeeeeeeery slowly, getting his bearings, and then he realxed. Spencer didn't snarl at him, she just went back to her nap. I gave Kiki some food, but he wasn't hungry. The funny thing was, Kiki was EXTREMELY interested in Max, not in a hostile way. I think he just haven't met a Persian before. He stared at Max eating, drinking, sleeping and walking, with a look of wonder on his face. Only when he was 2 inches away from Max's face, then Max bared his fangs. After that, Kiki went to disturb Spencer. Posted by Picasa


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