Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hat and Spencer in a very rare moment of unity.

Hat was chomping biscuits, and Spencer wanted some. She went to as close as 1 inch to Hat, and tried to squeeze her snout in. Maybe she thought that Hat would retreat. Hat held firm, and I gave Spencer her own lite biscuits, with a few pellets of Friskies just to satisfy her. Posted by Picasa


At 11:02 pm, Blogger =^..^= said...

Wah... Hat is one very relaxed (or lazy???) cat. I very seldom see one eat lying down.

~5-Cat Style

At 6:54 am, Blogger san said...

Wahhh..indeed this is a Kodak moment. They look as htough they have been friends forever.Hat is a trifle possessive about his own bowl but owner's perogative I think :)Hat also looks quite relaxed beside Spencer.

At 10:40 am, Blogger Mary said...

Hat sure knows how to enjoy life. Eating lying down, same with my dog.

At 6:30 pm, Blogger san said...

Oh I didn't see the second pic before.
hat eating on his those roman emperors! He has some royal lineage for sure. Just look at that pose and those eye-liner eyes.


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