Sunday, October 22, 2006

Max sat outside for the whole evening last night. At 10pm I just looked out, and saw him in ambush pose. I looked again, and saw Hat sitting at the farthest end of the corridor. I went up to carry Hat into the house, and gave him dinner. Max continued to look at the same direction.

I think Max didn't chase Hat on purpose. Because if he really wanted to chase Hat away, he wouldn't have allowed Hat to sit there staring at him.

Hat wanted to make a run for it after dinner, and found Spencer and Max barring his path on the corridor. I put him on the balcony, so he could walk away. Later I saw him grooming at the far end again.

And Max only gave chase after Hat started to run.

So it was all for show. Unless Max can't see very well, and it was Spencer who prompted him.

Max had his supper at 11pm, and slept on the cabinet. Spencer slept at the other room. Posted by Picasa


At 9:50 pm, Blogger san said...

So much drama just because of you max. No wonder the kitties are all jittery in your presence.

At 12:47 pm, Blogger bokchoy_76 said...

His whiskers are all over his face


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