Sunday, November 12, 2006

Spencer getting a suntan.

She went to bed at 10pm last night, on Sister S's bed. From 10pm to 12mn, she woke up 3 times to eat biscuits, each time going back to the same spot to sleep.

Sister S woke at 5am, Spencer too, but no breakfast until 9am when I woke up.

After that she went back to bed.

The calico likes to follow me about during the breakfast rounds, instead of eating her food. Mera was waiting among the bushes, but didn't want wet food. When I went down again with biscuits, he was gone.

I didn't see BH2 until 12pm. Actually I haven't seen him for many days, but he is looking well. And kept shifting position when he ate, so that calico would not steal his food.

I bathed Hat. Then the usual cleaning and laundry.

Kiki appeared at 2pm. I fed him a can of chicken, and he left. Posted by Picasa


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