Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mera is in medical trouble again.

He has been looking like an an-pan for a few days now, and the swelling makes his eye looks smaller. However, he still crunches plenty of biscuits.

Yesterday morning I finally decided to keep him indoors, in the cage. I gave him some antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets, and applied ointment on the wound. He whimpered and begged to be let out, and groomed himself for many hours. After he realised that he would not be released, he sulked and pulled long faces.

Yesterday evening Sister J said she could help to bring Mera to the vet, so we rushed to the vet before the clinic closed. We were the last patient.

Mera was lucky enought to get his usual vet. The wound was looking greenish, and smelly too. Mera was purring, but I think he was feeling the pain. The vet shaved off some of the fur, and drained off the pus. Then Mera was given an injection, and the usual antibiotics ointment and tablets. The vet advised a cone. And to bring Mera back if the wound does not heal in one week.

Mera slept from 9pm to 4am, then he started to sing. And shredded the newspapers, toppled the biscuits and water bowls, bang against the cage.

I woke at 5.45am to feed him. He ate a bit, and sang again.

I locked him in Sister S's room with Spencer at 7am, and I heard him using the bins.

Then he sang somemore, until 9am, when Sister S released him by accident.

He asked for tummy rubs when I saw him at the garden. I gave him some biscuits. The wound seems better today.
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At 2:44 pm, Blogger EJ. said...

So nice both of you,Cat-aunty and Sister S to bring Mera to the vet.

Recover soon Mera. No more street fight for now.

At 9:32 pm, Blogger san said...

I hope he recovers soon.
Mera you must take better care of yourself please.


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