Sunday, June 17, 2007

I regret to announce, Sister S's room is STILL smelly.

Spencer vomitted under her bed on Friday night, and I mopped on the night itself. The smell intensified, and I had to spray litterbins deodorant, close the door and on the fan full blast. On Saturday, the smell had lessened, but I still could smell it. Even Mera twitched his nose when he walked past.

We were lucky. Sister S was supposed to arrive on Sunday, but she got delayed.

This morning I mopped again, and I washed the bedsheet. When the floor dried, the smell came back. One whole day of aromatherapy oil didn't help.

Sister J said she read in New Idea that sprinkling talcum powder in litter trays will lessen the smell, so I should give it a shot.

I sprinkled close to half a container of talcum powder in the room.

I hope by Thursday, the room is habitable again.

If not, some cat *koff* will be in big trouble!

The smell is still there
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At 10:34 pm, Blogger animalfamily said...

good thing you can still smell tho. over here we can't smell vomit, can barely smell shit. so immune sometimes spills go undetected! eeks!

At 12:45 pm, Blogger san said...

Maybe some vinegar and bicarbonate of soda?


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