Thursday, June 14, 2007

It was on the way home that I remembered, I left Mera and Hat in the house this morning, before I left for work! What if they fight again????!

Hat came just before 9am, ate, groomed, loitered, and went to his box. I saw Mera at the park bench when I fed the kitties, but then he vanished, and I didn't search for him.

Then when I was locking up, I saw Mera waiting at the end of the corridor. He approached slowly, and stretched nonchalantly. I carried him inside, gave him sardines and biscuits, and left.

Before I left, I saw Hat hiding in the box, sulking and hyperventilating.

When I reached home, all was calm. No flying furs or blood stains, no upset furnitures, no complaints from Spencer.

Hat appeared, looking a bin glum. But he ate plenty, took wind at the corridor, and left.
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At 9:07 am, Blogger san said...

Live and Let Live, Hat and Mera. There is pleanty for everyone.


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