Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I really wonder who is the target audience for Hallmark channel. The shows tend to be re-runs. ER season 1! When George Clooney still looked young! Without A Trace season 1! When handphone comes with antenna!

In my fevered state last night, the pommie accent was strangely soothing.

Anyway, I only know about this series, because Anthony la Paglia hails from Australia.

I admit, the plot is a bit weak, the characterisation not as sophisticated as CSI.

In last night episode, Jack got under the skin of a pedophile, promising him 15 minutes " to do whatever he wants", if he reveals the whereabouts of the victim. He was so convincing, and the pedophile so stupid, the boy was rescued.

Then the sicko asked Jack for his 15 minutes. Jack said : " Your 15 minutes is up." Then he threw up. Woah.
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