Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another new mother cat.....GROAN!

She is either heavily pregnant, or has recently given birth.

Actually I only saw her today. She was sleeping on the park bench with Shortie and the uncle. I think the uncle wanted to tell me about her, but I went down very late today.

I assume Shortie is the proud father....He is an elusive one. He has been in this neighbourood for a few years now. The Crossdresser tried to catch him for neutering, but he managed to escape everytime.

And he gets into fights with the others.

Just the other day I saw him mauling Macky. Calico rushed up to watch. And before you know it, BH2 jumped out from the power station in a rage, and confronted Shortie. The two toms touched foreheads, without moving, staring into each other eyes. Their tails were swishing and I could see from the abdomens that they were growling. Macky ran for his life. I left after that, so I didn't know how the show down ended.
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