Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today is Singapore 42nd National Day.

The unemployment rate is the lowest ever. The region is relatively peaceful, free of natural disasters and financial crisis. The housing market is booming. The Government predicts 8% growth.

The PM acknowledges the widening income gap, the ageing population, and calls for the better endowed to give back to the society to help the needy. " To grow as a nation, we need to be COMPASSIONATE, as well as competitive."

I hope the same consideration can be given to the community cats.

They are ignored, because they do not have a voice. They are down trodden, because humans cannot see past their 2 feet height.

If the cats can stand on their own two feet, speak up for themselves, fight back, do you think the unelightened will call them "dirty" "smelly" "unclean" ?

Do you think they will be spat on, frightened, torched, hung, strangled with wire, scalded with hot water, thrown from the 6th floor, tortured, CULLED?

Do you think they will be abandoned and left to die when the cuteness wears off, when they are ill, when the owners move away, when CNY is around the corner?

I hope the cats will also benefit from the economic boom and the stability.

There is a group of dedicated cat carers and vets out there, who has been doing the TNRM quietly for many years. If the economy is good, hopefully more people will donate to the cat protection societies and shelters, to help with the cost of the neutering and upkeep. Hopefully more people will adopt one of the many cats in the shelters. Hopefully more people will take up responsible pet ownership, and help to feed and take care of the community cats, in a responsible manner.

I don't expect cats to be put on pedestal and be worshipped, like what the ancient Egyptians did. Of course, that may not be a bad idea to start with.

I just hope that the power that be allows the cats to have a share in this society. That they be protected with some kind of legislation. That basic courtesy and kindness be extended to them. Like what we would do to the needy, the aged, the abandoned.

May all the cats be well fed, healthy, and free from harm. And that includes contaminated pet food from youknowwhere.

Who knows.....we may even live to see this day......

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At 9:21 pm, Blogger VeganCatsg said...

It has been said that specie-ism is far worse than atrocities committed on human beings because the latter can learn to learn the language of the perpetrators and seek justice. An animal can never speak the human lingo. Therefore those of us human, who are able to see how cruel our own species are, must speak out for these other species!

At 6:07 am, Blogger EJ. said...

Very well written, cat-aunty.
Looking forward to a better tomorrow for our community cats and dogs.


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