Saturday, December 22, 2007

Spencer is ill.

We went to the vet today, for her vaccination. And I mentioned to the vet about Spencer's frequent urination.

He managed to extract some urine from her bladder, and it was bright red with blood. I was stunned when they showed me the specimen. Then I sat outside with blank mind while they did the tests. The vet kept asking me if I had observed the blood before. I really haven't seen. Maybe the litter absorbed it so well.

Now they are just treating it as a bad bladder infection. If it does not clear up in one week, then they will do urine culture, X-ray or ultrasound. The worst scenario is of course cancer. Even if it is just infection, it is also bad if it continues to come back. Then of course there is her kidney functions we have to think about.

The vet said Spencer is well, so we will treat with antibiotcis and cranberry first. He won't change her diet as yet. She had to drink 500ml of water a day, for her 8kg weight.

Now Spencer is resting after the trip and her jab. I have moved the CatIt to the floor, so it is easier for her to drink.
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At 9:55 pm, Blogger kuro.shiro.neko said...

spencer ah, you have to listen to cat_aunty and kwai kwai tale medicine and get well ok?

At 11:07 pm, Blogger MightyMouse said...

Hi, my Skoda also has blood in her urine. Just brought her for her review today afternoon (her bladder was empty so the vet couldn't update us). I think our cats might be seeing the same vet - Dr K at Mount Pleasant Springside? I also popped in to say "Hi" to Shadow - he was napping below the cash register. Yup, he is very sweet - responds when his owner calls out his name. I get my cat supplies from the shop.

At 9:00 am, Blogger cat_aunty said...

Dear MightyMouse,

small world huh

At 9:40 am, Blogger auntie p said...

Waa, 500ml a day is quite a tall order, I think.

Poor spencer and poor cat aunty for the stress. Hope the medication goes well.

At 3:50 pm, Blogger EJ. said...

Hope it is just a bladder infection.
Take the medications and lot of water, Spencer.

At 4:58 pm, Blogger san said...

500ml a day? How many syringes is that?
Toro has to have his meals mixed with water. he doesn't like it a lot but is now eating it with Tanaka, whose meals are always water-logged.


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