Saturday, January 05, 2008


The uncle told me Bh2 attacked a lady and her dog last night 10pm, at the kopitiam.

He didn't see how it happened, but the lady approached him this morning when she saw him feeding the cats.

Based on her description, he knew it was Bh2.

I didn't know how BH2 was provoked, but it seems like he wanted to attack the dog. The lady held the dog, and Bh2 attacked her instead. She had bad scratches, and a $160 medical bill.

I was very worried when I heard about it. The last thing we need is this lady lodging a complaint to the AVA. The uncle said the lady didn't seem to have this intention.

I had told the uncle to let the malay chicken rice stall owner know, not to feed the Bh2 from now on, so he will not loiter there.

If I see Bh2 at the kopitiam, I will bring him back.

A few years ago, when Hat was accused of killing someone's pet bird, KindlyNeighbour let him stay in her flat for one year, until she had to sell it.

Bh2 will not be so lucky this time.
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At 10:54 pm, Blogger san said...

Oh dear!!!! This is very bad news for BH2. I hope nothing will happen to such a nice kitty. At least the lady realised that he didn't mean to attack her.

At 3:28 pm, Blogger EJ. said...

Oh no, 2008 just here and BH2 already gotten himself into trouble.
Good that Cat_aunty will maneuvre
him away from the Kopitam.
He will be in big trouble if actions are taken when the K's business are affected by an aggressive cat.


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