Friday, February 22, 2008

He came for dinner, and was miffed that I was taking his photos instead of bringing out the fish.

I frontlined him, Monty, Calico and Bh2. I changed his collar, but forgot the bell.

I saw a SITA truck, and panicked. Just when I was rushing to the kopitiam to search for Bh2, he appeared from among the bushes. All the kitties had their dinners. 3-Eye and AlbinoCalico are getting really chubby, thanks to the uncle.

It rained sporadically in the evening. Hat was hiding under the bikes. When I carried him up, he clawed me. He wasn't in a very good mood. He ambushed Spencer from the sofa, making her angry.
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At 7:24 am, Blogger EJ. said...

SITA's pest control? Yikes!
Hope all the kitties around the area are sterilised. They can be bail out if any of them ended up at AVA.
Please stay safe, kitties.

At 7:25 am, Blogger EJ. said...

Nice red tage, Mera!
Far away it looks like a fire cracker, keke.

At 2:28 pm, Blogger auntie p said...

What is SITA truck?

At 8:06 pm, Blogger san said...

WOW! You cannot miss THAT tag!


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