Saturday, February 09, 2008

KindlyNeighbour has an open house during the CNY holiday. I dropped by after work, to exchange oranges with her, and to give MiaoMiao and Mimi thier hongbaos.

The cats are very well. Mimi is fatter, and she likes the crowds. She was sitting in the middle of the hall, watching the guest playing mahjong watching TV and chatting. MiaoMiao looks older, as she is already 7 years old. She didn't like the noises at all. She was swishing her tail, and trying to tolerate the whole situation. She is a very sensitive cat, and took longer to get used to the new house. At least now each cat has her own room. And the new maid is OK with the kitties. KindlyNeighbour employed the maid so she can take care of the kitties when she and uncle are busy working. I saw Mera's mum there too, busy making a killing on the mahjong table.

We were joking that KindlyNeighbour should install CCTV to make sure that the maid does not throw the cats around.

The new place is very windy and spacious, with a balcony which she had put up some grilles for. She also did flower arrangements for the CNY, and cooked a full vegetarian reunion dinner for the in-laws. And she has a crystal chandilier.

I am happy for her and uncle.

She passed me some home-made cookies, and the Rocher flower she is making for Valentine's Day. It comes in 2 designs, the lace as shown, and one which has silk petals. She made everything by hand.

It was good talking to her.
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At 9:37 am, Blogger EJ. said...

Congrats to KindlyNeighbour,Miao Miao and Mimi's new place.
Wonder if MiaoMiao bites the new maid.CCTV works both way :)
KN certainly creative with the Rocher flower.


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