Sunday, February 24, 2008

A new addition.

The books say I should place cacti plants in the toilet, to avoid 小人.

The local supermarket is closed for renovation, so I went to this place around my block.

The old lady just set up a plant display area at the void deck, at night her husband/ son would help her to lock up the wares in a cage. She has been doing that for ages, I doubt with a licence. But I don't think anyone is bad-hearted enough to report her to the authorities.

Then other old folks just hang around, chatting, playing chess, or just plain 放空.

Sister S had bought a few pot plants from her.

Unfortunately the old lady only had one cacti plant today, this huge Mexican thingy which looks like Gumby. I was sorta expecting something small and cute. The old lady doesn't speak Mandarin, and my dialects are pretty poor. But we managed to understand each other, and I paid $6.50 for this Amigo.

She even managed to recommend me another bushy plant. She said is bang chao, I think she meant 蚊草. I sniffed the leaves, it has a light scent, but not as smelly as citronella. I told her I will come back again. I think we have a need for this plant, come June.......

Sister S screamed when she saw the cactus. Then she said if it really is for that purpose, then it is big enough to work for two persons........
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At 7:49 pm, Blogger san said...

What is cactus supposed to help you with? Won't Spencer try to eat it?

At 2:34 pm, Blogger EJ. said...

I think it is a Feng Shui thing, San. It is a good looking thing.

Will the kitties use it as a scratching post? and when the ktties are taking baths...


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