Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rainy days

Today is the second day of my annual leave. The cats were fairly puzzled but took it in their strides. Hat was waiting on the bench 10am with auntycat, but no signs of mera. Kiki popped by at 11am when his owner came back, and I noticed they never bothered to look for him even after many hours. Maybe poor kiki has been loitering downstairs everyday. Hat came up at 1am to have his nap. Spotted Mera at 3pm after his nap part one and he followed me up willingly as he is scared of thunders. He went straight to bed, ignoring hat who was sleeping 4 paws up at the wardrobe, and it rained soon after. Spencer woke up at 5pm, had some biscuits and went to sleep in the basket. Maybe she didn't want to share a bedspace with mera.


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