Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Spencer is sitting on the pc table while I chat and blog. She is more clingy nowadays. And she hates wearing a collar even though it is lightweight.

When I came back at 11am, Mera was ambushing BH2 in the bush. BH2 realised it was me and called for help. I tried to move Mera away but he complained and yowled. I took him upstairs for biscuits and BH2 had the cheek to ask for food again even though he ate at 9am.

Kiki is still loitering, but he did eat. Hat had fallen asleep on the wardrobe again. Mera is gone after his snack.

Still ill, but the fever had dropped. Now it is the headache and body aches.


At 12:26 pm, Blogger chuasai said...

I think spencer is just like my lucky who hates wearing his licence and he will eat it whenever i put his licence on


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