Saturday, October 29, 2005

A fine morning, so Spencer was enjoying the sunshine. However, there must had been some cat intruders the night before, as Spencer was sniffing the morning papers, grilles and windows intently. Merah did the same thing.

Played socks with Spencer. She became very aggressive and all her fur stood up.

Hat was here early but was choosy about breakfast. Very naughty. He just ate some biscuits. Merah was waiting for me downstairs. After tummy rub, I brought him upstairs for breakfast and he went to sleep on the wardrobe. Maybe he had been partying whole night.

Auntycat didn't recognise me without my keys. She was looking at me without any response from the bushes when I called her. Only when she came closer then she started to yell.

When I came back from Ikea, Merah was already at the garden and Hat was on the corridor.I saw that he was loitering aimlessly, so I bathed him. He took it in good strides. Posted by Picasa


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