Friday, October 28, 2005

Hat came at 8.20am and had a can. Then he did some stunts at the kitchen windows, refused the biscuits, and ate Spencer's lite version instead.

Last night I thought he left with Kiki and got myself a huge shock, when I found him sleeping inside my wardrobe. I think it was drizzling, so he thought there was no point in going down and getting himself wet again. He slept in the box on top of the bookshelves, to get more peace and quiet.

Merah was taken up at 10pm, as it had started to rain heavily. He was found waiting at the staircase, and no one was at home. He ate some biscuits and refused to stay. 10 minutes later, the thunders started. And Merah ran back to our house, petrified, and hid under the bed. He was trying to squeeze through the grilles but the thunders tensed him up, and I was fumbling with the padlock. He looked really scared then. Poor Merah! I should have gone down to find him when I heard the thunders.

I think there are only two things he fears in his life, BH1 and thunder. And maybe the fogging team.

I heard him tossing and turning under my bed. And Hat scratching the box early morning. The biscuits left outside were untouched.


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