Monday, November 28, 2005

When I came back, Kiki, Hat and Auntycat were already at the garden, playing among the safety nets. BH2 appeared when I brought food, and Kiki kept smelling his tail. I am not sure if Kiki is still hostile towards BH2. They didn't fight, Kiki let BH2 eat in peace, but later I saw him chasing BH2 with raised hackles. Only Mayo stayed at home, being a good boy. Hat ate a big dinner, and went down again to play.

This BH2 is quite pitiful, even Auntycat shouts at him. The other night he was resting at the wall, not realising Mera was just sitting around the corner. I went to pat Mera, he stood up and turned the corner, and BH2 immediately lie down and showed Mera his tummy. Cheh. Useless tomcat. Posted by Picasa


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