Saturday, November 26, 2005

Was given a lift to the vet. He was doing surgery at 2pm, so I couldn't speak to him on the phone.

He was wearing such an ugly surgical scrub, I was temporarily lost for words. And there was a dog howling mournfully from the backroom, so it was rather distracting.

Spencer is given another type of antibiotics to try, NOT the one that may cause blindness. But if that doesn't help in 3 to 4 days time, we would have no other choices. If even that doesn't work, Spencer will have to undergo ultrasound under anesthesia, to check for tumours.

She is also on steroids now as the previous anti inflammatory cannot be taken for more than 4 days.

If Spencer is off her food, depressed, lethargic and loses weight, I have to bring her to the vet again, immediately. Even if this infection clears off, the vet wants to see her again, just to make sure the urine is OK.

It is all rather distressing. Posted by Picasa


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