Friday, December 30, 2005

Max cried a little bit duting the night, and I asked him to sleep under the bed.

The kids were making noises again, so I had to move to the other room to join Spencer. Hat refused to stay in the house with Max. Max really tried to be friendly, and I showed Hat he could sleep on the wardrobe. Hat couldn't take the stress, and left through the window.

Max brushed my feet with his tail to wake me up.

Hat started to sing outside at 7am. Max was following me around, and touched face with Hat through the netting. Hat Made a great show of being upset with the presence of Max, and refused to eat breakfast until much much later. Spencer and max enjoyed their brekkie, but Max had soft stools later.

Max was trying to play chase with Hat, much to Hat's alarm. Hopefully Hat wil get used to Max soon, and at least Max has a new friend to play with. It takes two to play mandarin soccer.

Spencer is not as hostile as before, but she still forbids Max to come near her, by growling and hissing. Posted by Picasa


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