Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A few days ago, Spencer got herself stuck between the wall and the cabinet. Actually she jumped in there herself, and when we looked for her, she started to cry pitifully.

I reached home just before 2pm. Spencer had been eyeing me suspiciously all morning, wondering why I was not at work. After that she got a bit excited, and wanted to bite me.

It started to rain heavily after that. Spencer wanted to sleep beside the laptop until the thunders came. Now she is in the store room. A very wet Mera ran in just now, and went straight under the bed. Posted by Picasa


At 6:39 pm, Blogger san said...

Poor thing spencer. I read once before she got trapped like this also.

At 8:08 am, Blogger Zeus said...

Spencer! Get it together! We can't have any more getting trapped in between places! It's not good for you or your human pet.

Make better decisions my friend. Use the whiskers nature gave you before you decide to jump somewhere!

At 8:53 am, Blogger bokchoy_76 said...

Doesn't her whiskers tell her that she cannot afford to do this anymore?

At 10:56 am, Blogger auntie p said...

I thought the whiskers thing is a myth?

In Spencer's case, it isn't working, anyway. *grin*


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