Tuesday, September 26, 2006

People tells me that one can get cheaper sports gears from Queensway Shopping Center, so I dropped by to have a look. I only saw one sports store, the other one a FILA, so I assumed it was the one. They do have a very good selection, with all sizes available, but the boss is a bit of a tyrant. He shouted at his staffs when they were not sure of the stocks, glared at all the customers just in case we shoplift, and didn't look at the customers at the cashier. You are not encouraed to browse. Tell the staffs what you want and they would take it for you. However, the staffs were helpful.

I bought a sports shirt and pants for dad, and this shirt for a friend. The staff told me they are out of most national teams shirts, as people are buying EPL shirts now. Posted by Picasa


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