Monday, September 25, 2006

We went out for dinner, and left the three cats at home. When we reached home, Kiki was ready to go home. There was someone at his home, but there is netting on the grilles, so he could not possibly squeeze in. It was only 7.20pm, so we thought his family was breaking fast, and we would wait for a while before we sent Kiki home.

When I came out from the shower, I heard cats fighting downstairs. I looked out, and saw Kiki standing in the middle of the raod, next to the power station, the calico and BH2 advancing. GAAH!!!

I ran down, and by then Kiki was already at the void deck. I tried to lure him upstairs, but he was very pissed off, and refused to budge. It didn't help that the calico was advancing with bottle-brush tail and sharp snarls, several times. The cat uncle appeared, and he tried to help me to call off the calico. But this calico is a real chilli padi! She kept wanting to attack Kiki, the 9kg white lard ball! Kiki tried to bite me, and luckily I had a towel with me, so he attacked that instead. The calico finally thought she had made her point, and retreated for dinner. Kiki and I ran home.

I pressed his doorbell, his owner came out, and the first thing she said was : " Ki~~~!", as if it was Kiki who pressed the doorbell. I told her that Kiki had been fighting, and he went into the house willingly. Posted by Picasa


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