Friday, October 27, 2006

I saw Mera ambushing Hat this morning, so I carried Mera up. He seemed to have forgiven me, because he actually followed me to the letterbox, and didn't growl or struggle. He even ate some biscuits in the house.

I had given calico and BH2 double portion, though I am rather worried about the kittens. I haven't seen them for days now, and the power station is still in a mess, which doesn't allow access.

I gave Auntycat biscuits, and calico shot out anf tried to rob the food. Mera, who was nearby, puffed up. Auntycat screamed. And calico retreated slightly. She had finished all the food, and still hungry. I gave her some biscuits.

I guess now Mera needs to patrol the garden more deligently, as BH2 and calico have moved into his territory, until the power station is ready again. And sicne the two are always hanging around the void deck now, they are in a more visible and vulnerable position.

Hat ate a little breakfast, and fell asleep. Posted by Picasa


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