Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Saw Mera sleeping at the gazebo, called his name to make sure he was alright. Auntycat was also hiding among the bushes. Both ate biscuits.

BH2 and calico were waiting at the void deck. Both shared a packet. I left dome food for the kittens. Hat ate some biscuits and wet food.

Last night I saw the calico scavenging for food for the kittens, so I fed her. Hat heard my footsteps and followed me silently. He was afraid of coming into the house initially, growling and struggling. I caught him trying to jump out from the kitchen window after his supper. Crazy tomcat!

Hat was finally convinced that Max was no longer around, so he relaxed and groomed on the sofa. Spencer didn't feel safe with YB sleeping under the bed, so she slept on Sister S's bed, 4 paws up. Posted by Picasa


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