Monday, October 16, 2006

Kiki the LardBall didn't do his Spidercat antic today, so all was quiet on the corridor.

I saw YellowBoy having a soupy dinner, so I didn't bring him up.

Hat ate and sat on the corridor for a while.

I saw Mera sleeping on the pavement, looking bored, so I brought him to the 5th floor. I had a bag of cat biscuits with me. He smelled it, and meowed very loudly. He walked slowly on the corridor, sniffing slowly, and wanted to sneak into other people's houses. I passed the biscuits to his mum, so she can feed Mera more regularly. Mera has lost some weight. He started to knead once he was inside the house, so I said goodbye to him and left. Posted by Picasa


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