Sunday, October 15, 2006

You missed one spot there, Slave!

Spencer inspecting the weekly house cleaning.

She hasn't been sleeping well during the day. I think the haze is affecting her too. I went cycling this morning. The PSI was 89, but felt like 150+. I kept crashing into trees. Maybe due to lack of oxygen. Haha. And there were idiots still smoking in the haze. Sheesh.

Mera was up and about at 8.15am. I fed him at 9am. He had a big breakfast, and went into a bush somewhere to sleep. Auntycat woke up late, and had biscuits at 10am. The calico and BH2 were OK, I left extra food for the two kittens. The contruction work is finishing soon, so all should be back to normal in a while. Posted by Picasa


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