Sunday, October 29, 2006

Max the dandelion head will drop by on Thursday for a ten day stay.

Spencer slept until 8pm last night. And was still tired. I was watching TV at 10pm, and she decided to join me on the sofa. She hardly does it, only when she is sleepy and I am not ready for bed. I think so far, she only did it twice.

Spencer is not a lap cat. She doesn't cuddle, knead, kiss, give love bites, or circle our legs. When she wants to spend time with us, she would sit under the chair, lean against the wall nearest to us, or on the table. She sleeps with me, but she doesn't snuggle. Posted by Picasa


At 10:43 am, Blogger san said...

Spencer is Empress Dowager so cannot be seen to snuggle :) I saw the film on Tv on Empress Dowager when she was old...err..older. She looks like Spencer - fierce and fearsome :) She is like Bujang - no cuddles, no snuggling. period. but sometimes in the early morning, he would come and sleep near me and even knead my pjs with his sharp claws, OUCH! I have scars to prove it but I don't think I will stop him. :)

At 10:00 am, Blogger Patches & Mittens said...

I think Precious will eventually be a lap cat. She gets on our laps now, but stays a short time, always so busy doing kitten things. I think she is making up for all the time she spent miserable, taking care of babies and just trying to survive.

CalicoMom Toni


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