Sunday, October 22, 2006

Still hot and humid, despite several drizzles. Max spent most of the day outside, and Spencer in the store room.

I meant to bath YellowBoy, but it rained. I couldn't find him again, but the One-eyed Jacqueline from opposite block asked for food. I gave her some tuna. Maybe her regular feeder is off for the long weekend.

Max chased Hat at 6pm, and Spencer was shocked out from her bed. After that, she looked a bit embarrased. Posted by Picasa


At 9:31 am, Blogger Vegie said...

Has the Persian Cat been fasting ?

At 12:46 pm, Blogger bokchoy_76 said...

Don;t understand why he wants to lean onto the wall.

At 10:33 pm, Blogger cat_aunty said...

Dear Vegie, the Persian hasn't been fasting. He has a very healthy appetite. 6 meals a day.

Dear bokchoy, it was the heat lah


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