Thursday, November 09, 2006

Max wound seems slightly better. It is not as deep, still wet though. I caught him licking it, after I put the ointment.

Yesterday there were NEA people floating about, and I was horrified to see a pest control truck. I stood there waiting for them to unload their gears, calculating mentally how many cats can I save and how I was going to squeeze all of them into the house. Luckily, I didn't see any nets and cages, just sprays. Later when I went to the post office, I saw they were having a Litter-Free campaign, with MPs in attendance. I guess it explained the NEA's presence.

Spencer and Max are getting along better. They sit outside after dinner, taking the winds. Max likes to run up to her and show her his eyes full of gunks, and she would look disgusted. Last night when Max vomitted out ALL his dinner on the corridor, Spencer actually looked concerned. Yes, it was a mess. But Max has the cutest tongue when he puked. Then he asked for food immediately.

I think he sleep on the daybed when I am not at home. I found oily paw marks all over the cabinet. Posted by Picasa


At 12:55 pm, Blogger san said...

Max looks exhausted poor thing. I think I will get Toro to the groomers immediately when I get home. I'm sure his fur has overwhelmed him already. Max looks cool on the bed.


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