Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am gonna be out of blogsphere for a while, because my laptop was devoured by mysterious virus on Tuesday. My Norton is up to date, so I wasn't sure how it happened. Luckily sister S is back, so she let me use the laptop tonight. Sigh.....I will try to check into other kitties blogs and emails as much as I can. Apparently my picture file is safe, up to Nov 06, but all the old emails and itunes are gone.

Mera is recovering well, and other than the 4am singing sessions, he has been behaving. He is quite chummy with Spencer. His appetite is good, and the buttock is healing. Unfortunately he has an ear infection now. He is walking around with flattened left ear. I don't think it is ear mites * shudder* The vet will shake his head sadly on Saturday. I called up for appointment on Monday night. When the recep knew it was me, she went : " OH hiiiiiii " in a meaningful way, and asked me what is Mera up to this time.

San had sent me a lovely, lovely card with advice, and Bujang's walking jacket, for Mera. I had night training today, so Sister S took Mera for walky, in the new jacket. Mera almost got himself out from the jacket though, when Sister S was not paying attention. But she was lenient with him, she let him roam with the long leash. And she let him stay out on the corridor. Mera toppled the pot plants.

Spencer is alright so far, sleeping with me at night, and again at 7am. At least she doesn't over groom, unlike Mera. I couldn't sleep last night, and woke up 9am this morning. All the kitties slept in too.

Hat and friends are OK. Someone had left an old carpet for the calico family, they sit on it after breakfast, all three of them. Calico is still picking fights with Yb every morning. Bh2 is still waddling about. Auntycat drops by sometimes. Hat is looking a bit lost, because I have been busy with Mera. He would stay away and stare at us, when Mera and me sit at the park bench.

Sister S bought lots of kitties collars and toys from USA, post Xmas sales, and some cat tags. Initially she only made for Spencer " The Queen" and James Mera Bond " King of Hearts", but I aksed for one for Hat. Hat got a dog bone design, because it was the cheapest. Faintz.


At 6:15 pm, Blogger Vegie said...

hohoho cat with dogbone tag...*sigh* such thing only happens to Hat I guess


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