Sunday, February 04, 2007

I took Mera down at 3pm on leash. He was a bit tired, and just sat on the grass. He got scared when some man walked past, and ran away. I managed to catch him in time. He pee and poo, and after 45 minutes, we went home. He had some snacks, and went into the store room to sleep. I saw that one of his claws at the back leg is also torn, and there are some scratches on his eyelid. Oh dear.

Spencer is angry that Mera has taken over the store room, so she went to sulk in the orange box. She beat Kiki all over the house, to stop him from eating her biscuits, and snooping around. So Kiki went to explore the power station.

I saw the calico wrestling with the ginger on the carpet. I think the tabby has gone off on his own.


At 11:51 pm, Blogger san said...

Did he scratch his eyelids? He couldn't have gotten into fight already.


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