Friday, February 09, 2007

I woke at 9am today, because it is my off day. Some cat threw up in my room and at the kitchen. Could be both Spencer and Mera, I saw a blade of grass.

Mera has been out. It is now 10.30am and he hasn't appear for breakfast. It is sunny, so I will let him take his time.

I will take a break today, CNY springclean be damned. Sister S will roll her eyes when she read this, but work is REALLY driving me up the roof. I was so frustrated I ate McDonalds yesterday, and rented HK serial. The last time I watched those was, like, 10 years ago? When you want to cry at work, or not even want to go work at all, you know you are in trouble. But now, 忍, seems to be the keyword, until the transfer falls through. Or lightning strikes the incompetent in-charge. Posted by Picasa


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