Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mera had a bad night last night.

He went to bed after some snacks at 8pm. I wanted to bring him downstairs, but he refused to budge. I thought maybe the wounds on the paws are not healing, so I gave him antibiotic tablet. I had applied ointment, but he licked it away immediately. He wasn't too impressed, and started to scratch his ear. His ears flattened, and seemed to be giving him problem. I think when he scratched his ear, he might have infected himself. I cleaned his ears, which brought on another round of violent head shaking. The canal is still tender though.

Then he vomitted. Twice.

After that he fell asleep, looking really drained. Kiki was at the kitchen and was looking alarmed. Spencer chased him out, and settled down on my bed.

The vet is on leave until 10th. I guess I just have to continue the antibiotic for a few more days, clean the wounds and ears, and see what happen. Posted by Picasa


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