Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mera was waiting under the signboard when I reached home. He was meowing quite pitifully. I waved at him, and he approached. When I walked away, he sprang and almost threw himself at my feet. So I carried him upstairs. He smells a bit bad.
Luckily Kiki was not out tonight, so Mera could eat his sardines and biscuits in peace. After dinner, he groomed, then went back inside the house for a patrol, then he left. He chased Yb across the carpark this morning.
I saw Hat at the playground. He didn't appear this morning actually.
Spencer threw up on the sofa and floor, stinking the whole house. I had to burn Hyacinth for 1 our to get rid of the pong. Luckily it is cleaning day tomorrow. She had eaten some biscuits, and is snoozing now in a corner. I think she is just waiting for the clock to strike 10pm then she can yell for bedtime.


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