Thursday, February 22, 2007

A better picture of the yusheng on CNY 1st day, pre-salmon.
I was rummaging for the post box key when I reached home, and Yb appeared at my feet. I had some Nutro biscuits with me, so I gave him some.
Then Kiki followed me home, when we met on the corridor. This is becoming a habit for him.
I saw Hat at the garden, so I called him.
10 minutes later, he came up too.
Hat had sardines, and Kiki had turkey and biscuits. Hat ate quickly, and ran out of the house while Spencer was in her toilette. Once Spencer had finished, she gave chase. But Hat had vanished.
Kiki ate very slowly, and had some of Spencer's chicken too.
I think Mera is at 5th floor. This morning after he had his sardines at 8am, he came up again at 9am. Seeing that I was at home, he left.
When I saw him at the garden, I gave him some treats and biscuits. He ate plenty.


At 9:58 pm, Blogger auntie p said...

Your yu-sheng really looked fresh and nice...makes me want to eat some too. Did you prepare the vege yourself?

I must go find some nice one to tar bao from the zhi-char stalls.

At 8:22 am, Blogger san said...

I like yu-sheng. Even the raw fish is nice - like sushi :)


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