Saturday, April 14, 2007

It is raining kittens!!!!
Wednesday: new mackerel tabby tom. Slim and sleek. The other cats were OK with him, calico chased him away.
Thursday: new tricolor kitten. Brave little thing, stood up against Yb and demanded he give up his food, NOW!
Saturday: new tabby white kitten, rather aggressive but was snarled by the older kitties. And new jet black kitten girl. Sweet thing, skinny and smaller vs the other two. The uncle was there. I thought he had fed the kitties. He told me the workers poured a bucket of water on the black kitten, and she shivered for hours. He wanted me to check if she was injured, and asked if I could give her some food. She could eat well, so I think she should be ok, so far.
So now the PowerStation Gang has new members. Groan. Yb Weirdtom Calico BH2 Gingerkitten Tabbykitten plus Hat Mera and now there are the 3 new kittens. Uncle said the mackerel tabby is his charge. I don't know where the kittens come from, and where the mother is.


At 1:09 am, Blogger CatDonna & Cats said...

Argh. Poor you and poor new kitties.

Especially the little black girl, bloody asswipes just have to pour water. *&^^$%#^&*&

The rest of my message became pretty rude so I shall stop here.


At 11:06 am, Blogger EJ. said...

Lots of new kiities on the block.

Same reaction here Pip. "&%#!" workers,nothing to do than bullying helpless kitty.
Hope she stays well with CA's tender loving care.

At 11:10 am, Blogger san said...

WOAH! What happened?? I htoughtthe kittens that BH2 and calico had are big alreday. Now there is more from someone else?


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