Sunday, April 22, 2007

The uncle was there in the morning. I don't really want to speak to him, so I only went down at 10am. I saw a young couple in a BMW talking to him, and giving him biscuits to feed the kitties.

When I went down, he was still there. I don't really like him because he took my food and used it to feed the kitties. And he made a mess by pouring water into the food and throwing the newspapers into the drains.

He said he had fed his mackerel tabby and the two new kittens.

Yb enjoyed the turkey very much. Calico, weirdtom @ Squinty, tabbykitten @ Fred was nowhere to be seen. Bh2 @ Buffalo was there, wanting to get into a fight with the new tom @ KaraokeKing. The mackerel tabby wanted food too, and the gingerkitten @ Ginger and new tabbykitten were frantic with hunger. Hat came in to join the fun, but he ran away when uncle poured water into his food. I told the uncle I will neuter Squinty and Ginger next week. If I can't find Squinty, I will do KaraokeKing or Fred. The two new kittens are girls. One of them is a white with tricolors, and looks very sweet. The black one had been adopted by the cross-dress feeder a few days ago, when she heard that the kitten was abused. I hope she will continue to keep little Blacky.

I think I will come down at earlier next week, to avoid the uncle.
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At 1:37 pm, Blogger EJ. said...

Ha, the catlady from Simpsons!
Once she threw her cats at Lisa.
Good to know little blacky is being adopted by the cross-dresser.


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