Friday, May 18, 2007

Hat*snigger*: " I am the Champion!!!!"

I left store at 9pm. Again.

When I reached home, I saw Bh2 sleeping at the void deck. I asked him if he wanted dinner, he slept on.

Kiki was waiting at the corridor. Ten minutes later, Hat came too. After dinner, I didn't know what happened between Hat and Kiki.

Basically, Hat beat Kiki. I saw it with my own eyes. Hat was arching his back and ran towards Kiki sideway, and Kiki jumped and hid behind the bicycle.

After that, it was scowls and sour looks all around.

Personally, I think Kiki lost face big time. He lost to a cat half his size, and one which everyone picks on. And in front of Spencer too.

Kiki: " You just wait, punk! I will get you one day!! 猫子报仇,十年不晚!! "