Thursday, May 17, 2007

No signs of KK and Macky this morning. I guess they had eaten. Hat ate again when I was feeding the others.

Once again, I reached home late tonight. It really is very very tiring. And frustrating.

Mera was waiting at the void deck, and I saw BH2 under the recycle bin. I brought Mera to 5th floor, and luckily his dad was just leaving the house. He said he had some biscuits for Mera. Mera ran towards him.

Bh2 was sitting on the staircase, waiting. There was a couple coming down, and the man commented that Bh2 is fat. And he told the lady to mind Bh2's long tail.

Kiki was snoozing at the corridor, waiting for his dinner.

I brought Spencer a box, so she forgave me. She was afraid that Kiki would take her box, so she sat in it, refusing to come out and eat. Later she ate from the box, at a ridiculous angle.

When I came out with Bh2's dinner, Hat was scowling outside the house.

Kiki waited for Spencer to finish, then polished off the leftovers.

BH2 was very very hungry. Wonder if it was the rain.

Hat ate and left.

I had gastric pain, so I went to lie down. Spencer came in and meowed at me, then she slept beside me. She is a spoilt brat, but she does rise to the ocassion.

Kiki went to the power station to pick a fight.

I was putting on bedsheet for Sister S. Spencer thought it was a game, and was jumping about and hiding under the covers. Later she ambushed something invisible.
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At 6:37 am, Blogger EJ. said...

Good girl,Spencer.I think cats understand and can feel their owners' discomfort and pain.

BH2: Fat? Grrrr.


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