Thursday, May 24, 2007

I saw Spencer smacked Kiki's rump just now.

She aimed carefully, and whacked him with all her might.

Kiki jumped.

But he still stayed and napped for a little while.

He likes Spencer, even though she is rather nasty to him.

I saw Mera at the garden. No one was at home, and he wasn't too eager to go up. He was looking at some bushes, and I showed him the biscuits. He ate. Hopefully his dad would be home soon.
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At 6:44 am, Blogger EJ. said...

Kiki: Help, spouse abuse!

Wow, Spencer sure know how to keep the gentlemen behaved.

Think all the guys likes Spencer.

At 10:03 am, Blogger auntie p said...

It's a triangle relationship!

Kiki likes Spencer, and Spencer likes only Mera.

Note the cute ironies: :)
Kiki = male cat with girlish name
Spencer = female cat with a manly name
Mera = well, he's just Mera.


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