Sunday, May 06, 2007

One last note about the sarong cat door. It has run out of its usefulness, now that Kiki had worked it out.

The other day Spencer was whimpering outside, wanting to come in, as I had locked the gate and she can't squeeze through the grilles anymore.

She went on for a while, and I decided to let her in.

She was sitting at where Kiki was in the first picture, so I could see her clearly.

Then I just happened to look down, and saw Kiki hiding right next to the gate!

I could have missed him, and he would have come in the instant I opened the gate!

I wasn't sure if he and Spencer was in cohort, but I didn't let Spencer in until she moved nearer, like in the second picture.

You see how sneaky these kitties are!
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At 6:26 am, Blogger EJ. said...

The sarong finally came down! Just can't beat their sneakyness!


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