Friday, June 01, 2007

Left work early today, because I had a training at 9am, and I was very tired by 6pm.

I slept from 8pm last night until 7am this morning.

Is the following the prerequisites essential for persons who want to be Boss??

1) time wasting at meetings
2) beat around the bush
3) putting personal goals before coorporate goals
4) excellent in 表面功夫
5) can't accept reality and the truth
6) taking other people's credits as his/ her own
7) and not shy about it either
8) interferring ( under the guise of guidance and delegation )
9) micro-management
10) just darn stupid

So, if during the course of your career, you come across a Boss whom you respect and trust, then congratulation, for you have stumbled upon a rare breed!
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