Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spencer has also been very unhappy about the noise pollution at night.

Her urine problem comes back. I have to start the syringe treatment again.

Poor Spencer.

Hat ate dinner, and left. I was opening the letter box, and Bh2 appeared. I didn't have biscuits with me though, so I just gave him scritches. I reached home after 10pm, so I think Kiki had gone home.

I saw the Crossdresser feeding the kitties at the void deck, at 11pm. I saw Macky, Calico, KK and Yb. Calico was following her around, like what she did with me. When someone approached the other kitties, the Crossdresser would stand in one corner and watch the person.
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At 10:21 am, Blogger san said...

That is what a good guardian will do - just to see what the other person is up to when they approach the kitties!


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