Sunday, November 11, 2007

3-Eye started to make noise at 6am. I woke up and moved to the other room, while Spencer went to sleep by the Cat-It. She looks like she had a headache this morning.

I opened the door at 8am, and saw Mera glaring at 3-Eye. He was all puffed up and growling. I tried to pet him, but he stomped away. 3-Eye had poo-ed overnight, she buried the stools among the newspapers and towel, and sat on the bundle. Luckily it wasn't very smelly. The ears had started to bleed again. She kept pawing at me, wanting me to pet her, stroke her, just hold her paws. And she kept wanting me to touch the ears and cheeks.

I fed Calico and Yb, then we set off to the vet.

The vet opens at 9.30am, and I reached there 9.15am. The nurse let me in. I explained that I do not have an appointment, and see if she can slot me in. She was shocked when she saw 3-Eye's bleeding ears and cheeks.

The vet said it is not likely to be allergy, as it is localised. It could be ear mites or infections. She said she would clean 3-Eye up, and asked me to wait outside.

The verdict was a bad case of ear infection, NOT scabies or ear mites. The vet said 3-Eye was docile. She was given antibiotic and steroids injections. Plus the usual tablets, wash and cream. The vet said if we can keep her in, it would be best. But seeing that she is a stray, we may have to release her, just that the ears will take longer to heal. 3-Eye was also given an E-collar.

She hated the collar.

She tossed and rolled and turned in the carrier, making a huge racket, and everyone stared at us. She moved around so much, the carrier was overturned. so much for being docile!!

She screamed and struggled all the way home. I put her back in the cage outside and gave her some food. She had managed to get rid of the cone, which was full of blood, ear gunks and ointment anyway.

3-Eye was so noisy, we had to release her after 30 minutes in the cage. Spencer was very tense when she was around anyway. And Hat didn't want to eat.

I will look for her again in the afternoon.
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